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VOX TV feat. Kordelia and her choreography
In 2002 the european TV channel "VOX" featured Kordelia and her choreography in the New York episode of "Wolkenlos". The documentary features travel destinations, people and celebrities including fashion model Heidi Klum, who is well known for her work as Victoria Secret model.

02.25.10 New York, NY
-HotStepz Magazine
HotStepz Interviews Kordelia (Choreographer)
Interview by Brittany Delaney
I was lucky to meet Kordelia at the “Centre de Danse du Marais”, a dance studio in Paris, France. I took Kordelia’s Hip Hop/Street Jazz class and...
(Read more of the interview online)

July '07 San Diego, California
-IDEA Fitness Journal
Meet some outstanding Members!
Kordelia was featured in the July issue and also online.


June '07 Berlin, Germany

-Ballet Tanz Magazin
The Teachers
Ballet Tanz, Europe's leading dance magazine had a Q&A with Kordelia in the June issue. Featured are favourite memories of her choreography and performance moments on Stage and for Film and TV, what her favourite dance studios are, what she is expecting from her students and infos on upcoming workshops. More infos in Ballet Tanz Magazine.

05.20.03 Meerbusch, Germany
-Rheinische Post
Broadway is located in Bösinghoven
...With admiration youthful participants observe Mages while demonstrating complicated "Hip Hop"- and "Video Street Dance"-choreographies, which they would love to master themselves. Loud, fierce music and numerous pairs of legs make the gymnasium hall of the "Alten Schule" constantly tremble. After one and a half hours of immense concentration and effort everybody is just longing for two things: a big gulp of water and a cold shower. "I haven't sweated like that in a long time, but I had such great fun in the classes", gasps an exhausted participant...
08.07.02 Entertainment
-The Maui News

'Pieces XX' a polished dance showcase
Dance Review by Paul Janes-Brown
...Guest choreographers give the dancers opportunities to work with top professionals who bring with them a worldwide view. Kordelia Mages, a New York City choreographer who has worked with many top pop music groups and stars showed why she was asked to come back this summer. Mages gave 'Pieces' four completely different dances. From lyrical to swing to Spanish flavored, to hip hop she is a skilled dance maker. All of her pieces were first-rate, but "Echo of the Drum" was exceptional...


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